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   The Edge, Installation View (Virtual Visit link ☝️)...
The Edge, Installation View (Virtual Visit link ☝️)
Museo de la Universidad de Navarra, 2022


During the last Ice Age, a small group of Siberian hunters, pushed by ice sheets and enduring temperatures around minus 60°C, embarked on a migration northward. They ventured into a frozen territory that served as a bridge between Asia and America for 10,000 years. This is where our story begins, on the horizon between the familiar and the uncharted, at a place where the boundaries of ice, land, and ocean blur—a constantly shifting landscape known to the inhabitants of the Bering Strait as Kromka.

Flows of Deep Time series (section) 2018
 101 Wet collodion plates 140 x 354 mm (each).

With the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of one of the most remarkable and enigmatic achievements in human history—the first population of the American continent—I embarked on a journey to foster a dialogue between science and art, bridging the realms of evolutionary biology and visual imagery. The artistic research that emerged from this collaboration charts a course through countless generations, seeking alternative perspectives on perception and tapping into a shared experience that unites all of us: our collective memory.

The story of humanity can be viewed through the lens of continuous migration. Within this symbolic horizon, we find ourselves retracing the path of our ancestors time and time again, as well as envisioning the journeys of our descendants.

Relative Information series, 2018. 130x152 cm, injection of pigements on hahnemühle barita paper
67°51’54.2” N 176°7’30.5” W 3-12-2017 14:17:00-14:17:60 
14°15’8.3806” S  71°40’35.3447” W  19-10-2021  13:40:23-13:40:53
67°51’54.2” N 176°7’30.5” W  28-11-2017 16:50:40-16:51:20
36°35’54.15” N 107°20’33.3557” W 1-2-2020 19:35:55-19:36:25
Installation views MUNAV, 2022
The Cave (excerpt) 2022
Motion capture and generative art4 channel videioinstallation, 1080 x 1920 cm, Dolby Atmos. 120 min
Horizon Paradox series (details). 2018-2022 
Ares Valli. Landing site of Pathfinder Rover. Mars. 

Transported charcoal on watercolor paper.140 x 354 cm
Installation views MUNAV, 2022
Installation views MUNAV, 2022

In 2016, I embarked on a journey across the American continent, spanning from its northern border at the Bering Strait in Russia to its southernmost limit in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. In this project, traditional cosmogonies engage in a dialogue with scientific knowledge through the analysis of genetic data, aiming to explore alternative perspectives on our connection with the land and our own identities.

Maps of the Invisible (excerpt) 
3 channel videoinstallation and sound landscape, 12 minutes

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